Saturday, December 20, 2008

When I Find That Feedjit In The Code

Its so gone... too late this evening... fried-out on facebook... not gonna search my html tonight... but tomorrow I'm losing that damn Feedjit.

Friday, December 19, 2008

THIS • LAME • BLOG/motivational speech to myself

I'm sorry if you're coming to this blog NOW. It has been better in the past. In the past I had more original thought, more promising banter, hell, I was even more energetic back then... but I'm gonna level with you... I think its the technology. Eight, seven, heck even up to five years ago a blog meant something. People were impressed by all that push-button publishing. NOW, well, nowadays a blog comes a dime a dozen. Everyone's spilling off at the mouth about every which thing and that's why I'm hear to tell you folks, you shouldn't be reading these things... just start your own! Heck you probably have! That's how you got here, you accidently pushed the wrong button and jumped to my blog. But I was straight up with you. I told you REAL LAME BLOG right up front. But you read anyway... and I just keep on typing... this is a real crisis friends. We all should have something better to do that mouth off on our little screens. Me especially. WTF indeed!

Actually (please allow me to shift me voice)... I began this entry because I wanted the random reader to know: there is actually some content worth skimming a while back. There was a time when this blog was better (I don't know, like, two weeks ago. Check the archive). It's gotten pretty lame since I added that Feedjit widget... I think I'll remove that tomorrow and get some of that old swagger back in this thing.

!ߨ®ƒåç´®ß UNITE!

Love For All the Bloggy Bastards

A side note: I feel guilty: I will not make fun of people's names: I have had my name made fun of too: I just want to say: I have love for all you blog-reading bastards. Mostly me.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just an observation I've made in the last several hours... not a new observation mind you, but a re-realization of something I keep finding out... I think we're well on our way to one big clump of god. It's pretty awesome... even if your name is BASTARDI.

One Name I'm Glad Isn't Mine

Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the bloggiest of them all?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Feedjit Is Bumming Me Out

I feel more and more pathetic each time I come back here

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Between Me and My Compulsive Blogging A Visitor From Afar

Can you tell I'm excited? It's so a mistake, but I'll take it! Actually, it's probably mirrored from some hacker I know...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Beautiful Drawing

Twisted Upon Itself - Notes From The Best Movie Never Made

Here: I typed my life story one line after another on my old typewriter. It came to 77 pages (w/o margins). I wrote the story as a film script, so it could one day be shot (why I was telling my life story at age 27? perhaps the same drive that has me blogging this bullshit...). But I can't write screenplays because I am too fast to undermine them in existential bs so it became more of a run-on poem. Or meditation on striking heavy keys. Well whatever it was, it's now kind of my script again (as well as a blog post (SUCCESSFUL!)) as I prepare for the implementation of my life to digital video. Here's page one of the shooting manuscript (click on for full-size image):

ive mastered my interior conversation

its just not apparent to you