Thursday, January 15, 2009

Place To Remember Insignificant Forms Corresponding With The Undesirable

Downstairs during snow day the kids sing E-Pro into the logitech microphone and burst little color bars while singing their affluence I type beast into the application and come up with two hundred examples of my depression while dreaming of round rainbow houses and weather you can exist comfortably in next to my skin I bleed ink into the page and play with the words that come to mind like Ana Mendieta which is less two words than proper name situation history all which circles me in exhibitionistic annihilism and blooming lasting lavishing lushness and steely sterile strength and dead dancing deciphers oh ha ha oh he he fuchyou and fuchme they sing oh ha ha oh he he and i type splendidly all the while yip yip yipping for my stark dark loom.

I've run the numbers son and we've come up with an array of possible futures none of which include you reaching maximum potentialities without a little broken heart. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Manufacture a fractured future in which all people exist between two golden lines which beam love back and forth yet at every beaming that love shifts a little into something that slowly begins to appear not quite so much as love and not quite so much as not love and the beaming continues and the love shifts all muddy until the golden line finally breaks and pure love falls on top of everybodies head in the long run. This is what a friend taught me or at least some version of that. He makes movies.

I write screenplays about postmodernism and how that's such a bad word and when it gets overwhelmingly depressing I type into the computer to keep blogging.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009